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SUPRome 2017

LAST UPDATE 22/04/2017

SUPRome 2016 edition: all the paddlers

SUPROME is a 24km adventure through time that crosses the Eternal City and passes under ancient and contemporary bridges. Currently at its third edition, SUPRome is not a race nor a competition but a paddle experience

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Best photo SUPRome 2016

2016 Crossing the city

It is organized by the Associazione Dilettantistica Sportiva “Discesa Internazionale del Tevere.” English is the official language and it is a “disposable plastic free event”.
Please consider that there is a limited number for partecipant, consequently register as soon as possible.

info:     whatsapp +39 3472439715

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How is arranged

Zona Castel Giubileo Roma- Starting point from the river.

If you have to download your own gear (carried with your own vehicle) you need to arrive by 08:15.
At: 41.987832, 12.501326   Via di Castel Giubileo
You will need to be dressed and ready to go for the descent down the Tiber. You must drive your vehicle (along with all your gear) to the Arrival point (just the driver without any passengers), where you must arrive be by 9:45
At: 41.859216, 12.466406   Lungotevere Dante-Polisportiva Ostiense
to catch our organized bus transportation,  the SUPRome bus that will bring you back to the starting point in order to begin the descent (please be aware that no items can be left at the Start point).

 Arrival point (near Ponte della Magliana)

Here you can park your vehicle after you downloaded your gear at the starting point (see the figure below for general issues on how we daily recover the vehicle before starting the descend).

The SUPRome bus leaves from here at 09.45 back to the starting point.

If you think you can carry your gear on the bus (i.e. inflatable boards-must fit in the luggage compartment) without downloading it at the starting point (a pump will be available at the Start point) you need to be at the Arrival point by 09:15 to get ready to catch the bus. Please note that you need to be dressed for the descent and leave your luggage at the sport club dedicated room at the Arrival point.

If you have questions regarding what you can and cannot bring on the bus, please contact Please note that no responsibility is taken for any damage to the gear in the luggage compartment.
Please be aware that the SUPRome bus will be only be available only in the morning at 09:45 and if you leave your vehicle at the starting point, you will have to provide your own transportation back to your vehicle (cost of a taxi will be approx. 75 euro).
For additional info, you can also contact us through WhatsApp: +39 3472439715

If you do not have your own gear, you may rent gear and boards which will be available at the starting point.

If you believe that you can carry your gear on the bus it is suggested to book nearby the Arrival point at the Sport club: Polisportiva Ostiense, Lungotevere Dante n.3 in Rome.

The names of the suburbs are: San Paolo or Ostiense. At the registration section there is an image with a selection of hotel.

Paddling will end at the Sport club approximately at 18:30.

Partecipation rules

The Tiber in Rome is a WW 1-2 class river with one WW 3 class passage. Portage is possible.
SUPRome is open to all paddlers with experience and equipment suited to river white water up to class 2.
We recommend inflatable or PE boards; epoxy boards are not suitable.
Although collisions with rocks is unlikely, we still recommend that you use multiple short and flexible fins.
We recommend that boards be fitted with front and rear handles.
Compulsory Equipment
All stand up paddlers must wear:
•a helmet suitable for paddle sports
•a PFD (life jacket) suitable for paddle sports
•sturdy neoprene river sport shoes
•overall neoprene suit
•coil leash
The descent of the river is carried out in group and will be led by experienced paddlers. Kayakers appointed by the organization as "heads" will led the group and should never be overtaken. Participants must follow directions and the timetable set by the organization.
WARNING: the descent of the river is at your sole responsibility; the organization cannot provide a prompt service and safety in the water as we unable to follow a large number of participants on such a lengthy descent. Participants are asked to follow the directions given by this regulation and those given during the event.
Rules of good conduct
•Communicate to the nearest experts the onset of problems, be they physical or related to equipment
•Respect the advice of the more experienced and decisions of the guides
•Where required, follow the trajectory, pass in single file at a safe distance of at least 20 metres; if the orders or signals of the guides are not clear or understood, please stay put until you understand what you need to do.
•Do not intervene in the recovery from the water of a paddler if you are not able to do so
•In case of a transshipment, wait your turn, do not crowd and do not take independent initiatives
• When ashore along the banks, put the paddle on the board

Tips to the paddle participants
Be aware that, from when you go into the water in the morning to when you disembark in the afternoon, you can rely only on what you have brought with you. So here we have...
Tips for beginners on clothing and supplies to carry aboard:

•It seems self-evident, but it is important to remember that it can be sunny or cloudy, it can get hot or cold, can be windy or rainy: the conditions can vary several times during the day. We may have to wait soaked and out of the water for hours in case of emergency. It is good to carry a spare dry wool or fleece (NOT cotton!) change of clothes: socks, the “wooly undershirt of grandpa", caps, as well as sunscreen.
•Keep in mind that wet cotton absorbs body heat and is harmful in the event of adverse weather conditions. Wool or fleece on the other hand, even when soaked, retain part of your body heat.
• Sturdy shoes protect the foot and ankle both on the ground, during embarkation and disembarkation, and in the water in case of capsizing.
• Remember that you are doing physical activity, and so it is very important to bring water to drink!
•Warm up before each departure, avoid getting wet right away if not properly equipped.

Further information on this topic can be requested to Andrea:
tel and WhatsApp:+39 339 8808 312

email: or on the


Registration cost:

Daily fee, including shuttle return service along the river (if needed), dinner: 20 euro

IF NEEDED  1st of May: Pick up from your hotel (only suggested hotel below, or nearby them), luggage transport and storage, drop off to the airport after the arrival: 50 euro. Need to pay and book this service by the 20th of April 2017.
Departure for the airport is at approx. 18.50

Registration by the 30st of April 2017

Cost of bank transfer (or Paypal) fees need to be added to the total cost.

 Bank account owner: ASD DIT
 Reason: Tiber tour 2017 (insert the name of the participant)

Send the receipt to:


Bank account owner: ASD DIT
Reason: SUPRome 2017 (insert the name of the partecipant)

Send the bank receipt to:

Refund policy: 100% by the end of February; 75% by the end of March; 50% by the 20st of April.

Hotels from which there is the pick up service, if needed

Need to know...just in case

Between the others...

SUPRome is a "disposable plastic free event".
Don't use disposable water bottles nor disposable plastic bags.

While English is the "official" language...the food will be in Italian!

For the bravest....10 days of GRAND TIBER RIVER SUP TOUR 2017 from the night of the 22nd of April until SUPRome the 1st of May.

Boards and gear rental

Here you will find some contact if you need hire boards and gear. Please note that we just supply the contact. The rental agreement is directly between you and contact. SUPRome organizers take no responsibility for the rental equipment.

It is compulsory, however, to have: leash coil, helmet, life-jacket.
The board and the gear will be delivered at the Starting point and taken back at the Arrival point at the end of the descend.

…easier than a pizza delivery…

soon more info

SUPRome 2016...the photos

Here some photo of the 2016 edition of SUPRome