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How is arranged

Zona Castel Giubileo Roma- Starting point from the river.

If you have to download your own gear (carried with your own vehicle) you need to arrive by 08:15.
At: 41.987832, 12.501326   Via di Castel Giubileo
You will need to be dressed and ready to go for the descent down the Tiber. You must drive your vehicle (along with all your gear) to the Arrival point (just the driver without any passengers), where you must arrive be by 9:45
At: 41.859216, 12.466406   Lungotevere Dante-Polisportiva Ostiense
to catch our organized bus transportation,  the SUPRome bus that will bring you back to the starting point in order to begin the descent (please be aware that no items can be left at the Start point).

 Arrival point (near Ponte della Magliana)

Here you can park your vehicle after you downloaded your gear at the starting point (see the figure below for general issues on how we daily recover the vehicle before starting the descend).

The SUPRome bus leaves from here at 09.45 back to the starting point.

If you think you can carry your gear on the bus (i.e. inflatable boards-must fit in the luggage compartment) without downloading it at the starting point (a pump will be available at the Start point) you need to be at the Arrival point by 09:15 to get ready to catch the bus. Please note that you need to be dressed for the descent and leave your luggage at the sport club dedicated room at the Arrival point.

If you have questions regarding what you can and cannot bring on the bus, please contact Please note that no responsibility is taken for any damage to the gear in the luggage compartment.
Please be aware that the SUPRome bus will be only be available only in the morning at 09:45 and if you leave your vehicle at the starting point, you will have to provide your own transportation back to your vehicle (cost of a taxi will be approx. 75 euro).
For additional info, you can also contact us through WhatsApp: +39 3472439715

If you do not have your own gear, you may rent gear and boards which will be available at the starting point.

If you believe that you can carry your gear on the bus it is suggested to book nearby the Arrival point at the Sport club: Polisportiva Ostiense, Lungotevere Dante n.3 in Rome.

The names of the suburbs are: San Paolo or Ostiense. At the registration section there is an image with a selection of hotel.

Paddling will end at the Sport club approximately at 18:30.

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