lunedì 31 ottobre 2016


Registration cost:

Daily fee, including shuttle return service along the river (if needed), dinner: 20 euro

IF NEEDED  1st of May: Pick up from your hotel (only suggested hotel below, or nearby them), luggage transport and storage, drop off to the airport after the arrival: 50 euro. Need to pay and book this service by the 20th of April 2017.
Departure for the airport is at approx. 18.50

Registration by the 30st of April 2017

Cost of bank transfer (or Paypal) fees need to be added to the total cost.

 Bank account owner: ASD DIT
 Reason: Tiber tour 2017 (insert the name of the participant)

Send the receipt to:


Bank account owner: ASD DIT
Reason: SUPRome 2017 (insert the name of the partecipant)

Send the bank receipt to:

Refund policy: 100% by the end of February; 75% by the end of March; 50% by the 20st of April.

Hotels from which there is the pick up service, if needed

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